45 Minute Lesson – $50.00
60 Minute Lesson – $60.00

Practice CD – $40.00

Holding fee for show absences – $20.00 per lesson

Practice CD

The practice CD includes six songs with vocal melodies and piano accompaniments. This CD can be loaded into iTunes and put onto iPhones, iPods and computers. Practice CDs are an extra fee outside the lesson costs.


I am a professional singer and private voice teacher. I have a Bachelors Degree in Vocal Performance from San Diego State and have fifteen years of private training under three renowned voice teachers: Dr. Michelle Latour, Mary Mackenzie and Ronit Levy-Widman.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine. I love helping my students find confidence in themselves through their voices. Every lesson starts with vocal exercises focusing on technique and then the lesson moves into song work incorporating vocal exercise techniques. Songs are worked on in three stages: learning notes, putting it together with the piano accompaniment, and getting it performance ready. Students also perform recitals when they are vocally ready.

I believe in singing healthy with your natural voice whether it be classical, musical theater or popular music. I teach in Walnut Creek, California.

Lesson Expectations and Policies


Your practice CD will include a mixture of genres to expose your voice to many styles of music. I am also happy to include music students write themselves as part of the repertoire we work on during lesson time. Most repertoire will be memorized so it is ready for auditions and recitals.

Practice Time

Consistent practice is the key to improving one’s voice. I am only a guide; the student needs to practice the techniques learned in the lesson to ensure vocal improvement and growth.

Cancellation Policy

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If the 24-hour notification isn’t made, I charge for the missed lesson.


Cash or check. Payment can be made weekly or it can be made the last lesson of the month for the entire month.