“This review is a long time coming. My daughter started taking voice lessons from Courtney almost 3 years ago. Courtney is not just a voice teacher to my daughter. She is a friend, counselor, mentor. Courtney has nurtured my daughter and her voice. She has taught my daughter to sing. She has patiently worked with my daughter to develop her voice. And boy have we seen improvement! My daughter can effortlessly sing. The beautiful sound that comes out of her mouth is amazing and we owe it all to Courtney! Courtney is flexible, easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend her!!”

Christi – 2017

“I have been taking vocal lessons with Courtney for just over three years.  In that time I have learned vocal techniques that have helped my voice develop in a healthy way.  The change in my voice is HUGE compared to my first year with Courtney.  She’s helped me expand my range and we’ve experimented with many genres of music, keeping everything new and fun.  She pushes me to put my highest quality voice in everything I sing, and works me hard to make the tougher parts of my range sound full and effortless.  These past three years have been great and I HIGHLY recommend Courtney as a voice teacher.  She’s wonderful, kind, professional and will help your voice develop in a way that’s healthy for you.” 

Brady – 2017

“Our daughter started her weekly lessons with Courtney since December 2014. A year later, she has been taking the initiative to participate in contest and auditions in school. After the second recital this past summer, her voice and performance had shown an amazing and remarkable improvement . We appreciate the challenging song choices. They are appropriate, classy, and fun. Thank you Courtney for transforming our shy and quiet daughter into a confident young lady. Thank you for your professionalism, patience, kindness, and the extras you provide.”

Danna – 2017

“Courtney had the perfect expertise to help me re-connect with my natural voice. After studying with numerous voice teachers, she was the one to provide the most helpful and valuable instruction regarding correct form and technique. And she’s fun! I would highly recommend her as a voice teacher to anyone! So grateful. Thank you, Courtney!”

Beth – 2015

“My daughter has been working with Courtney for several years. Courtney is knowledgeable of all genres and also focuses on the technical aspects of singing. My daughter’s range, tone, projection, and breath control all improved, which allowed her confidence to grow.”

Jen – 2015

“Voice lessons with Courtney Bowles have truly shaped the way I feel about singing. I began working with Courtney a year ago at the beginning of my freshman year of high school. Since then I have truly gained immense knowledge of the voice as an instrument, confidence in my singing, and a great friend.

I hope to pursue singing as a career in the modern world of pop/rock, and Courtney has assisted me in these dreams. She has given and continues to give me great fundamentals of singing, input on songs I write myself, and sheet music for songs ranging from radio hits to opera.

Courtney’s encouraging attitude and funny personality breaks down and walls of intimidation that provides an even more honest and collaborative learning environment. I know the skills I have learned with Courtney, and skills I will continue to learn with her, will take me far in the current music world, as well as provide me with a lifelong passion!”

Maggie – 2014

“My voice lessons with Courtney Bowles teach me how to improve my singing abilities, and challenge me to turn my talent into skill. Courtney has shown me her love of music and has inspired me to continue my singing through college where I would like to major in Vocal Performance. By sharing her love of classical music with me, Courtney has inspired me to study many classical pieces ranging from art song to opera to 20th century. While there is a classical side to my lessons I also have fun exploring pop and musical theater styles. Courtney has widened my view of the musical world and has taught me so much from vocal technique to improving my self-confidence and stage presence.”

Teresa – 2014

“Courtney is a fantastic vocal instructor. I have enjoyed being a vocal student of hers for the past 2 years. She is a teacher who knows how to teach… and she goes the extra mile for all her students. Not only is she an experienced expert in her field, but Courtney has the rare gift of giving her developed skills so generously to others. She imparts her skills and knowledge freely to her students so that they will experience confidence, vocal growth, and musical competence. Courtney can meet students where they are (on any musical level) and take them beyond their goals. Surpassing one’s goals is amazing! But most important, I have fun at my lessons; they are the highlight of my week! Music needs to be and stay stress free, playful, and fun! Courtney makes sure that it does…”

Andrew – 2014

“Courtney is a wonderful voice coach, she is highly professional and extremely talented. My daughter has been her student for 4+ years. We have been so impressed with the experience my niece is now a student.”

Gwen – 2014

“My daughter really enjoys going to lessons and has become more confident doing auditions. I appreciate that Courtney is concerned about choosing age-appropriate material and about reinforcing healthy singing habits for my daughter.”

Julia – 2013

“Courtney differs from all the vocal teachers I’ve had before… Courtney listens.

Courtney, of course, listens when I sing. But, more importantly, Courtney listens when I speak. She listens to my questions, my ideas, my concerns, and my goals.

I began studying with Courtney after my first semester of college. In less than half a year, Courtney has cleaned my vocal technique, allowed my voice to go places I didn’t think it could, and equipped me with a repertoire of 30 pieces of music in varying genres. Coming from a ballet background, I was too worried about my singing being “perfect”. Courtney helped me realize that “perfection” does nothing to make a singer great – together, we’ve begun to replace my insecurity with practice and conviction.

Her youth and humor make her relatable and trustworthy, while her discipline and passion foster in me both technique and musical progress. Her personal repertoire is truly vast, and she selected music for me that is interesting, technically challenging, and very personally suited.

My time with Courtney is not so much of lessons, but an evolving collaboration. I consider her an invaluable resource in my life as a singer and a friend. If you are willing to work and to listen, she will go above and beyond. My only regret is that I didn’t find Courtney sooner.”

Katie Rose – 2011